Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well this is odd.

Hello, readers!

Tonight I'm coming to you from a guest location-- my mother's desktop. I've relinquished my laptop for the evening, to be defragged and backed up before I go back to school tomorrow. Shana's gonna drive me, and then Monday I suss out where all of my classes are (I have to try and find my way around the new science building, eek!) and then Tuesday I start classes. Exciting! And a little scary.

(I still don't have an ending for my play. I should probably work on that, huh?)

So, what's new in my life, you ask? Well. Aside from a sinful amount of Doctor Who (which is absolutely adorable in every way), I had a nice hour-long conversation with Hayley. Which is always a good time. Aaaaaand. Um. I ate some cheesecake? It was good.

I don't want to talk terribly much about Doctor Who, because a) I'm only just at the start of season 2, and I don't want to contradict myself or be proven wrong or say anything I'll end up regretting, and b) I don't want to spoil anyone, and by Anyone I mean Marlena (Hi, Marlena!) but there is one thing I want to note. I really appreciate all of the hugging. And not just between Rose and the Doctor. It's everyone. Which is, to borrow a phrase, fantastic. I dunno what it is, but now I feel like American television is, like... afraid of non-intimate physical contact. Which is ridiculous and counter-intuitive and inane. Friends hug. They high-five, and get giddy over stupid things, and... even though it depicts a world of fantasy, filled with aliens, it's a profoundly human experience, watching Doctor Who. And I love that about it.


  1. AHHH totally agree with you about all the hugging. They are all so warm and intimate with each other and it is so very, very wonderful. I'm so bummed out that I finished End of Time Part 2 and have to wait forever for the new series to start. The interactions between the characters on the show are so supportive and open and honest and loving. SO WONDERFUL!!!

  2. I love that about it too.

    PS My roommate finished watching all for DW for the first time last week, and all this weke w've been both having DW dreams... every night.

  3. My mom and little sister are watching Doctor Who for the first time (with my older sister and I, who have seen them all and are sliiightly obsessed), and they're just at the start of season 2 as well! I'm soo excited. Season 2 in the best. The Doctor and Rose are just adorable, I love them too much.
    And I totally agree, watching Doctor Who is an incredibly human experience. So much so, that I've become so insanely emotionally attached to the characters that I've cried far more at Doctor Who than any other fictional thing (except, possibly, Deathly Hallows).

  4. I am just starting on Dr. Who also - I am starting Season 2 this week. What a fantastic show on all levels!