Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm TIRED. Can't we just be Death Eaters?

Things I did today:
  • Got an Amazon package that included Five Seasons of Angel, which I proceeded to begin to read.
  • Signed up on http://www.wreckamovie.com/thelegendofzelda, which you should do if you know Bre Melvin or are interested in amateur filmmaking or like Zelda or, preferably, all three.
  • Reread Jane Espenson's blog some more (http://www.janeespenson.com/) for Keeping Faith inspiration, and because it's awesome. You should read that no matter what you like.
  • Got a callback for Lena's Final Battle musical, which is tremendously exciting and a little intimidating.
Things I did not do today:
  • Read Dune, which I'm supposed to have done before I go back to school. But Dune is boring and endlessly complicated. So.
  • Find an ending for Hitchhiker's, which I should also do before I go back to school. See above.
I fear this is tremendously boring to you all. Which is why I've never kept a diary-- I'm boring to me, too. Unlike Hayley (or Sarah Vowell or Maureen Johnson or any number of other people) I'm not incredibly skilled at the art of anecdotal non-fiction. So you'll have to bear with me. (Bare with me? No. That's probably something quite different.)

My dad shaved his beard this morning. It's the first time he hasn't had facial hair since his wedding, and it's incredibly disconcerting. He looks like a stranger.

(Isn't your life so enriched by knowing that?)

Urrgff. Blogging is HARD.


  1. Leah, many people are enriched by your daily goings-on. Consider the following list:
    A) Stalkers
    B) Twitter followers
    C) Me
    D) All of the above
    (Man, I wish I had a venn diagram right now.)

  2. my dad once shaved when I was really little, I didn't recognize him and cried and got all upset and stuff..

    lets just say he has always had facial hair since.

  3. Aw. You're a sweetie pie filled with love nougat.

  4. I'm really sad for you and your dad, losing his beard and all. I'm a big beard fan and I know it's difficult to see one go.

  5. I have the same story as Camie. My dad came to see me, and he didn't have a beard, and I was terrified and cried didn't want to get into his car. I want to see your dad without his, though, because, like...weird.
    Also, shut your face. Your blog is lovely.

  6. Oh, sad. I loved Dune. If you're still having trouble getting into it and have to, the audio book (available on Audible, among other places, I would assume) is great and won many awards. I found that listening to it aided both my retention and comprehension. Anyway, love the blog!