Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh, hello.

Weird moment... it's currently 20 to midnight, and I was staring at my computer, trying to figure out why I was feeling so restless... I'd kind of forgotten, today, that I had a blog. Like, at all. So I didn't plan anything to say.

Ummm. I'm still sick, which sucks. Getting really tired of it hurting to swallow and not being able to breathe through both nostrils at once and not being able to decide if I'm chilled or overheated. Sick blows. Not to mention, I still need to record all of my callback materials for the Final Battle, which are due by the end of the month, but I can't so long as I have no voice.

I had class today, which feels like a million years ago. Let's check in my notebook for interesting facts, shall we?

Oh man, Global Warming and Nuclear Winter (which, for the purposes of brevity I'm just gonna refer to as "Science" from now on) was such a brain-killer. Kosta is still adorable, but the thing is, his cute Greek accent isn't exactly a help when he's trying to explain Pauli's Exclusion Principle (which I still don't entirely understand). Not to mention, he fell off a ladder and broke his leg and shoulder over the summer, so his handwriting is uncharacteristically poor. I get why he wants us to have a rudimentary understanding of physics before we plunge into our actual discussions-- I mean, if we didn't, then this would be a politics course. But at one point he stopped and asked "How confused are you?" and one girl blurted "Remember when you said you wanted to make us NOT afraid of science? It's not working." I walked out of that classroom with a MUCH deeper appreciation of Leonard and Sheldon... because fictional physicists on CBS sitcoms should really be my benchmark for scientific knowledge.

But it'll be okay.

Shakespeare was awesome because Professor Flesch is super amazing awesome fantastico. He said he was considering posting recordings of the lectures as a podcast-- if he does, I'll be sure to link you. I dunno how many of you would want to listen to an hour and a half Shakespeare lecture when you didn't HAVE to, but believe me it is so totally worth it. We discussed Sonnet 73 and the first two acts of Richard II, which I kind of don't like so far, but whatever. At least the in-class analysis is interesting, even if the play itself isn't my favorite.

Short Stories with Plotz is also still fun... and I'm also still a total nightmare to have in an English class. I mean. I'm sure my professors appreciate it, but I'm also sure my peers can't stand it-- I just can't. make myself. shut. up. Granted, I'm at Brandeis, so I'm hardly the only overeager know-it-all in the room itching to contribute to class discussion, but... god, I even annoy myself sometimes. Some highlights from Professor Plotz:

"I dunno how fresh Moby Dick is in your mind, but-- well. I hope it's at least slightly fresh; there's nothing worse than rotting whale meat. Anyway--"

"The key to a lot of these fables is looking for two separate lines of interpretation. For example, is Oedipus the story of a-- oh dear lord, I almost said 'motherfucker.'"

"Right, see, it's like that dance movie, with the British boy... what's it called... Dance, Billy, Dance?"
"I think you mean Billy Elliott."
"I like my title better."

Stay in school, kids. College is fun.


  1. I hate colds. You never fully appreciate being able to breathe out your nose until you can no longer do it. *Takes big, deep breath. Savours it.* Not to rub it in or anything. I hope you get better. If we were in England I would recommend Lemsip because it is wonderful. But alas, we are in America. Oh America...

    Anyway, your classes sound interesting and that's pretty awesome that you have a Greek professor. I've never had any particularly interesting foreign professors, unfortunately. I did, however have a professor for science of nutrition whose voice cracked several times in a sentence. He also wore those things you see in western movies (not that you or anyone watches western movies) that go in place of a tie with the metal clasp at the neck and two strings hanging down. Yeah. I totally thought those were made up before I took his class. Nope. They exist. Unfortunately.

    Get better! : )

  2. Siiiigh. Your classes sound amazing. I'd listen to that podcast. /dork.
    And I really hope you feel better soon, love. <3

  3. I read one of your professor names as Professor Flitwick... stop being sick; it's bad for you.

  4. You make me miss college - yeah I was one of the dorks that actually liked going to class - especially English classes. Your short stories class sounds pretty good. I had a horrible professor for mine (I mean the class consisted of her summarizing what we were supposed to have read for the class). And she tried to tell me that less people died in the Holocaust than actually did and marked my paper down a whole grade because of it - great professor!

    If the lectures are released as a podcast I would love that. Shakespeare is pretty amazing.

  5. I saw a shirt once that said "Oedipus- the First Motherfucker"