Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BORG highlights

I do quite like these kids. From Session 2 of Apples to Apples card-making:

"Gaming tonight! You should come."
"Can't. Gotta clean the suite."
"And that means you can't come?"
"Not if I'm cleaning my suite, no."

"Okay, your adjective is: Yummy."
"Oh, damn. I've already made too many Doctor Who cards."
"Also, we made a Banana card last time."
"Who said anything about bananas? I was going to put down 'David Tennant.'"

"Tegan's not here? I guess I get to sit in the President's chair, then, as I'm her... concubine?"
"I think you mean 'consort.'"
"Yet somehow I think we're staying with 'concubine.'"

"Every action does have a consequence sometimes."

"Your word is: Scary."
"Ewoks?! Whoever said that, they're adorable!"
"Wait. Are you saying they're adorable, or...?"
"Ahhhh, the magic of comma vagueness."

"Can I get a ride?"
"Yeah, sure, of course."
"Well I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a... a giant inflatable rhino in your backseat."
"Well the nice thing about giant inflatable rhinos is that they can be deflated."

"Your word is... your word is... argh. I'm stuck in a direction and I can't think of any adjectives in that direction."

"... and finally, The Neverending Story."
"Y'know, I never finished that book."


  1. I lol'd several times. You're cool kids.

  2. Aw... kind of sad I missed it now! But that nap was totally worth it.