Wednesday, February 3, 2010


First of all, briefly: Marlena and I just watched The Shakespeare Code, and yeah, I love Martha Jones. I shouldn't have worried.

Second of all, and still speaking of Shakespeare: That podcast we were hoping for? It's UP AND RUNNING. You can use this link here to get to its iTunes page, or just search for it yourself. It's called Amimetobios, which... well. Take it away, Professor Flesch:
("Amimetobios" is from Plutarch's Life of Antony, Shakespeare's source for Antony and Cleopatra: it's a Greek word describing their "peerlessness:" no [a-, as in asexual or ahistorical] life [bios] like [mimeto] theirs. It has nothing to do with anime. Well, almost nothing.)
Okay then!

So. I found out that we got the room we were hoping for for the play after all-- at least for the performances-- and I'm feeling much better about life in general. I'll feel BEST after auditions on Monday, but... well. When we get there.

Tonight I went to this letter-writing party that the financial aid department has, where kids who got scholarships write thank yous to the specific people in charge of the specific endowments that each student received. (Wow, that's some sentence.) ANYway. Writing about what I'm doing at school, and following my bliss, and how Brandeis has turned me into such a passionate person... I should count my blessings more often. Have I mentioned that I love it here? Because I really, truly do.

After that, I went to BORG, where we were writing our own Apples to Apples game. Some highlights:

“And bioluminescent—oh. Lakes.”
“What did you think it said?”
“Next time we play a game that requires teams, shotty Bioluminescent Latkes.”

“Sorry, I’m thinking.”
“Well, stop that.”
“Yeah, the Hive Mind should be thinking for you.”

“For unappreciated, I can’t decide between the Riders of Rohan and Bananas.”

“Spelling out loud uses two different brain parts that oughtn’t be used together.”
“What, Speaking and Thinking?”

“So for addictive, we have: Spice, Spice, Spice, Melange, human children, power, and… cinnamon buns.”

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